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Indoor Flagpoles, Ornaments and Bases: Indoor Flagpole Ornaments and Accessories
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Eagle A7

Eagle - A7
7" metal Eagle made for the top of indoor & parade flagpoles.

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plastic eagle

Eagle - 7S
7" Eagle is made of light weight styrene plastic.

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Parade Ball - PB-3
Parade Ball flagpole ornament. Made of metal with a gold finish.

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8" Round Metal Gold Spear S-105
8" Round Gold Metal Spear

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Fancy Spear - 31S
7-3/4" Fancy Spear This spear is made of lightweight styrene plastic and has a bright gold finish

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Fancy Spear - 31G
This 8" Fancy spear is made of metal with a bright gold finish.

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Round Spear - 85SG
Round Spear - Styrene plastic flagpole ornament.

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Plain Church Cross - SB56
Solid Brass Church Cross flagpole ornament.

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Army Spear - Solid Brass
Solid brass Army Spear indoor flagpole ornament.

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Battle Axe - 13B
Made of solid brass this Battle Axe is 9-1/4" in length.

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